Churchill Coffee is committed to assisting non-profit organizations by raising funds through the sale of our award-winning coffees. Our fundraisers are easy to understand, simple to execute, and return $5.00 per bag sold to your organization.

Contact Churchill Coffee Company and let us assist you in development of the programs to provide to your community.

How our program works:

  • An introductory, informational presentation will be emailed to your organization.
  • Order forms and literature will be emailed to your contact person. Your organization will collect orders using these forms.
  • After orders are taken, orders should be consolidated by your contact person. Churchill Coffee will process the order based off of your consolidated order sheet.
  • Churchill Coffee will call to set up a shipment schedule. An invoice will be included in the shipment.
  • Your organization will deliver the orders and collect money from your customers.
  • Payment to Churchill Coffee should be made at this time.

As a bonus, Churchill Coffee can personalize our classic coffee label to include the name of your organization.