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A little bit about Churchill Coffee

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Mission Statement: To greatly exceed our customers' expectations in product, service, and commitment.

  • By servicing our customers with respect, courtesy, and understanding their needs.
  • By maintaining associates of integrity and honesty who take pride in what they do.
  • By offering only the highest quality products and being the creative leader in our industry.
  • By treating each customer and associate in a Christ-like manner, showing respect, appreciation, trustworthiness, and empowerment.

Churchill Coffee Company, LLC is located in the Queen City of the Ozarks, Springfield, Missouri. We are a customer-oriented, small batch roaster and retailer of fine coffees and teas. We still roast our coffees in Old World style barrel roasters, modified to allow our roast master exceptional control of the process. At Churchill Coffee Company we have learned that people make the difference, so we have gone the extra mile to hire the best in the business. Our highly trained roast master takes great pride in the quality and consistency of our estate coffees. From dark coffees to light roasted coffees, you will find that the personal touch that we give to every coffee does make a difference. In keeping with our high standards of excellence, Churchill Coffee Company follows four principles that set us apart from the rest...


1. Passion
A love for coffee created Churchill Coffee. Two CEOs from two different industries came together with a mutual love for coffee; one owner came from the entertainment theme park industry and the other from the retail food industry. Six months of research and countless trips to every corner of the earth helped them to learn the best about the art of coffee. From the combination of research, extensive travel and talent, you will see a difference in all that Churchill Coffee does. Quality, innovation, marketing and promotion make Churchill Coffee Company unique in our approach to coffee; and we think you will enjoy the difference.


2. Commitment
Our staff has a commitment to our customers. From service to relationships, we strive to excel at everything we do for you! Years of experience have taught us to do only what can be done well. Our commitment to you is to supply the finest line of products available, at affordable prices.

3. Innovation
Hundreds of hours have been invested on our products, packaging, and labeling to ensure you that every product you receive from Churchill is at its peak of freshness. Along with superior packaging, we strive to give you the information you need to nourish your passion for the coffee experience.


4. Guarantee
We guarantee that you will receive the highest quality products available at a fair price. We know the value of long-term relationships with our customers, and we will do what is right to satisfy your needs and requests. We pledge to do whatever it takes to build that long-term relationship. If you ever have any questions or requests, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can e-mail us through the contact page. If you ever have a problem with any item purchased at Churchill Coffee Company, we will make it right! That's a promise you can count on.